Man asked care home resident for sex

Terry Tinsley asked a care home pensioner for sex
Terry Tinsley asked a care home pensioner for sex
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A SEX offender has admitted passing a female care home resident a note asking her for sex.

Terry Tinsley handed a note to the 68-year-old woman as she was heading out for a game of bingo, a court heard.

But when the shocked pensioner later read the pervert’s message she tore it up in disgust and threw it away.

It was only after she learned that Tinsley had been accused of doing the same thing to an 87-year-old woman in the same West Lothian care home that she called the cops.

Tinsley, 52, from Broxburn, West Lothian, pled guilty to behaving in a threatening or abusive manner likely to cause a reasonable person fear and alarm.

He admitted making “sexually explicit remarks” in his note to the woman in May or June last year.

Tinsley – who was put under supervision for two years at Livingston Sheriff Court last December – had his name added to the sex offenders’ register for the second time.

He will be sentenced later after social workers tell the court how his community payback order is progressing.

Graham Fraser, prosecuting, said the previous conviction was “essentially identical” and was pre-dated by the current offence.

He said: “The lady was heading to the bingo when he handed her the note.

“She didn’t read it but put it in her pocket but, later that evening decided to read it.

“The note had the accused’s name on it and the phrase: ‘Do you want sex?’ She tore up the note and disposed of it without telling anybody else about it.”

Mr Fraser said the incident only came to light during a routine visit in January this year when a staff member at the care home spoke to the woman, who got upset and started crying.

Sheriff Martin Edington told Tinsley he would remain on a special bail curfew until sentence was passed next month.