Man attacked partner in drink-fuelled rage

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A GRIEVING dad who lost two kids in a car crash savagely beat his partner in a booze fuelled bust up, a court has heard.

Gary Mack,43, attacked Leanne Henderson and repeatedly struck her on the head and body in Longstone Park, Edinburgh, in October 2011.

The city’s sheriff court heard how the pair had spent the evening drinking before they started arguing with each other.

The software engineer then lost his temper and threw Leanne to the ground. He then started punching and kicking her. Shocked eyewitnesses rang cops after they heard him tell her to “get up” once the violence had ended.

The court heard how medics who treated Leanne found she had several cuts to the face - one was so deep that they could see a nerve protruding through the skin.

Mack, a prisoner of Saughton, pleaded guilty to a charge of assault to severe injury before Sheriff James Hall.

The court heard how Mack had turned to drink to cope with the loss of his two children who died in a car smash up in December 2010.

After hearing how the pair were no longer an item, Sheriff Hall deferred sentence until December 2011 in order for the court to obtain reports about Mack’s character.

He added: “All options including imprisonment remain open to the court.”