Man ‘blown through door’ with shotgun

Hawkhill Close.  Picture:  Neil Hanna
Hawkhill Close. Picture: Neil Hanna
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A DRUG dealer on trial for murder has relived the moment a man was “blown through” a door with a sawn-off shotgun.

Roche Thomson was at the flat of Dodou Leigh, near Hibs’ Easter Road stadium, to buy £4000 of cannabis from him.

Dodou Leigh was found dead at Hawkhill Close. Picture: contributed

Dodou Leigh was found dead at Hawkhill Close. Picture: contributed

He was making the buy with his cousin, George Thomson, and co-accused Kevin Addison, and told the jury that “everything seemed normal to me”.

However Addison is said to have suddenly shot the 30-year-old victim in the hall, sending him “flying” back into the kitchen where he stood.

Thomson, 25, who was 
giving evidence at the High Court in Edinburgh yesterday, admitted that he was a drug dealer and said the trio had been buying a half kilo of herbal cannabis from Mr Leigh, partly using cash from his late grandmother’s inheritance.

Thomson, from Tranent, East Lothian, said he bought cannabis from Mr Leigh – who he knew as “Sam” – and sold it in his home town and “all over East Lothian”.

Three days before the shooting, Thomson said he phoned Mr Leigh to discuss buying the half kilo along with his cousin and another dealer.

On the day of the buy, Thomson could not find the other dealer, but bumped into Addison near the Loch Centre in Tranent, and he agreed to join the scheme.

CCTV footage showed Mr Leigh leading the Thomsons and Addison inside his block in Hawkhill Close at 7.25pm on December 4 last year. In the flat kitchen, he said Mr Leigh showed them the “weed” in a black bucket. As they prepared to pay, he said Addison told them his £1000 share was in the car. He said Mr Leigh went into the hall with Addison to let him back downstairs. It was then that the shot rang out. “I heard a loud bang,” said Thomson. “Dodou came flying through the door holding his stomach. He was screaming.”

Thomson said his cousin ran out of the kitchen, holding the bucket full of cannabis, and he followed behind.

He added: “Kevin was already outside the front door. He was pressing the button for the lift. I was saying, ‘What the f*** is going on?’.”

The trio ran out of the main door, their faces covered, before jumping in a car.

Asked why he got in the car. Thomson said: “Someone had just been blown through the door. I did not have time to think. I was scared.”

He told the court he had “no idea” Addison had been carrying a gun to the drug buy.

After arriving back in Tranent, Thomson hid at a friend’s house, watching reports of the shooting on TV. The home was later raided by armed police.

George Thomson, 30, of Port Seton, Roche Thomson and Kevin Addison, 28, of Tranent, are accused of murdering Mr Leigh. The men deny all the charges. Addison accepts he was holding the shotgun when it went off. The trial continues.