Man convicted of attempted murder two years after South Bridge attack

South Bridge, where the attack took place
South Bridge, where the attack took place
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AN IT specialist has been convicted of attempted murder following an attack on a man returning from a night out watching international DJ Eddie Halliwell.

Paul St Pierre, 30, of Lawers Square, Penicuik was found guilty of the assault on South Bridge in November 28, 2010, which left his victim with serious injuries from which he is still recovering.

Gardener Steven Ferry, 23, continues to suffer problems with memory and irritability following the attack.

Both he and St Pierre - who were known to each other but not friends - had spent the evening at the City Nightclub for an appearance there by the former Radio One DJ, who has also played seasons in top clubs in Ibiza.

St Pierre said he was heading home when someone ran into him, knocking him down in the snow.

He claimed he chased the man, only to remonstrate with him, and saw it was Mr Ferry.

St Pierre insisted someone else grabbed Mr Ferry and pulled him into a bus shelter where the attack began. His own efforts to stop the fight were unsuccessful and he was told “to mind his own business.”

But a jury rejected his story and found him guilty, by majority.

They heard how Mr Ferry was repeatedly punched and kicked, thrown against a window, then punched and kicked again as he lay on the ground.

Judge Lord Pentland said he would pay particular attention to Mr Ferry’s account of his injuries and problems - handed to him after the verdict - and warned St Pierre he faced a long time in prison.

The judge called for background reports and remanded him in custody pending sentence.