Man due in court over ‘adultery’ leaflets campaign

A copy of the flyer which was posted through letter boxes. Picture: contributed
A copy of the flyer which was posted through letter boxes. Picture: contributed
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A MAN has been charged with breach of the peace after dozens of offensive pictures of his wife alongside accusations she committed adultery within days of their wedding were distributed close to a city primary school.

The 46-year-old is set to appear at court today after the flyers were posted through letter boxes, nailed to trees and stuck on car windscreens in the early hours of yesterday morning in an area around East Craigs Primary School.

The leaflets include pictures of a 34-year-old woman in her underwear in a provocative pose and includes her name, a wedding date and the phrases “lock up your husbands” and “married & committed adultery within days!”.

One resident said he was woken at 5am by the sound of something being posted through his letterbox.

He said: “I thought someone was downstairs at first, I went to have a look and then that was there [the flyer]. It’s not every day you get something like that through the door.

“When I left to go to work, there were 20 or 30 of them under windscreen wipers in the car park.

“I left at quarter to six in the morning and there was no-one about, but the bits of paper were everywhere. Everyone dropping their kids off at the school would have seen them.”

Another local said that the posters had been stuck up on trees in the area, where they would easily have been seen by parents on the school run.

They were removed later yesterday morning. 
Police Scotland also confirmed they were investigating the “offensive flyers” and that a man had been arrested in the afternoon and charged with a breach of the peace.

Neighbours of the couple said they had not seen the woman in around five weeks.

“At the start of the summer everything seemed fine between them,” one said. Another added: “They are both nice people, their marriage just broke up.”
It is believed the pair, who married earlier this year, have separated.

Local politicians expressed outrage at the fly-posting, especially as the racy images had been displayed where local children could easily have seen them.

Liberal Democrat councillor Robert Aldridge said putting up the posters was “quite shocking and appalling behaviour”.

He said: “A couple’s personal problems should be managed behind closed doors without involving the rest of the community. I am glad that the police are aware of this incident and are looking into it.

“It is particularly offensive to post these leaflets near a primary school to be viewed by schoolchildren and parents in a clearly designed attempt to damage this lady’s reputation. It is absolutely deplorable.”

Karen Keil, who represents Labour in the Drum Brae/Gyle ward, said: “It’s very sad that the situation has resulted in this. People need to be aware that there is an unknown human story behind these offensive leaflets.”

An image of the flyer, taken by a resident who had received the poster through his letterbox, was posted on Twitter where it was shared by thousands on the micro-blogging site.

One posted: “They must be everywhere then as I saw them near my work.”

The victim of the slur said that she did not wish to comment when contacted by the Evening News yesterday.

She denied the accusation levelled in the flyer saying it was “utterly fabricated” and not true.

A man is due in court today charged with a breach of the peace.