Man robbed and held prisoner in boot of car

Livingston Sheriff Court.
Livingston Sheriff Court.
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A man was held prisoner in the boot of a Volkswagen Passat after being abducted, a court has heard.

Steve Lannen was robbed of his mobile phone and £15 in cash before he was locked bleeding in the boot of the car.

His captor David Mullin drove around for more than two hours dropping off his pals, who were apparently unaware there was a man cowering in the boot.

Livingston Sheriff Court heard that Mullin eventually dumped terrified Mr. Lannen in woods near Dalmeny, west of Edinburgh.

The victim wandered around lost for an hour before finding the village of Kirkliston in West Lothian, and seeking help.

Mullin, 27, of Philipstown, West Lothian, pled guilty on indictment today to abduction and robbery.

Sentence was deferred for background reports and he was released on bail.

He admitted putting a towel over Mr. Lannen’s head at Almondside Parkway, Livingston, forcing him into the boot of the car and detaining him against his will on June 8 last year.

He also admitted threatening to dump Mr Lannen in woodland, assaulting him by striking his head on the boot of the car and making further threats of violence against him.

Fiscal depute Brian Robertson said the incident happened after a girl who was friendly with the accused made certain allegations against Mr Lannen.

He said the frightened victim had initially been reluctant to give police a statement but had eventually told them the full story.

He added: “The complainer sustained some injuries including a number of cuts and bruises to his head and body. He didn’t require medical treatment.

“The accused when interviewed admitted sitting in wait for the complainer.

“He said that he lost the rag when he’d been told by this other girl of things that were alleged against the complainer.

“He said he wanted to scare the witness but not hurt him.”

Mr Robertson said Mullin had also admitted the robbery.

He said he’d spent Mr Lannen’s cash on fuel and had disposed of his mobile phone sim card in the Forth and Clyde Canal in Falkirk the following day.

Cops later found a towel stained with the victim’s blood on a footpath near where he told them he’d been dropped.

Glenn Fraser, defending, urged the court to continue Mullin’s bail until sentence.

Sheriff Douglas Kinloch adjourned the case until June 12.

He told Mullin: “I can’t deal with this case today because I consider it appropriate to obtain background reports before sentence is passed.”