Man’s leg saved after horrific hit

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A FATHER-OF-ONE who lost three quarters of the tissue in his leg after being hit by a bus has spoken of how he gave surgeons the green light to amputate the limb – only to wake up to find it still there.

Norman Jamieson, 48, had accepted the shattering news that he would have to lose his right leg after being hit by a bus after a firework display in the Capital last month.

But determined surgeons at Livingston’s St John’s Hospital managed to salvage the mutilated limb.

Speaking from his hospital bed, he said: “My leg looks like a ham hock but it’s a lot better for me than it might have been.”

Mr Jamieson, from Paisley, was in the Capital with his brother to see a fireworks display when he was hit.

Medics discovered that, although he had escaped miraculously with no broken bones, Mr Jamieson had suffered a “de-gloving” injury, which saw most of the skin on his right leg ripped off from the tissue underneath.

Mr Jamieson has endured nine operations, including skin grafts, and is now facing a lengthy rehabilitation process that will hopefully see him walk again.