Man seen fleeing from flat before dead body found

A man ran from Roseburn Terrace. Picture: Phil Wilkinson
A man ran from Roseburn Terrace. Picture: Phil Wilkinson
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A MAN was seen “sprinting” from a flat shortly before its frail occupant was found dead.

The body of the 53-year-old man was discovered by police officers at 8pm on Sunday. They were called following reports of a disturbance.

Residents said they heard shouting and swearing coming from the Roseburn Terrace flat on “Saturday night and into the following day”.

One neighbour told police she saw a man race from the second-floor flat and down the stairwell at around 6.30pm on Sunday, 90 minutes before officers arrived.

The man’s death is being treated as “unexplained” by police, and a post-mortem is expected today.

Residents said the dead man – who has not been named – suffered from emphysema and had trouble walking even a short distance due to shortness of breath. It is understood he had lived there for around three years along with a man in his 30s who may have been a relative.

Officers spent yesterday looking for CCTV cameras covering Roseburn Terrace at pubs, bookmakers and shops.

One resident, who asked not to be named, said: “I heard a lot of shouting and swearing coming from the flat on Saturday night but I couldn’t make out the words. I think one of my neighbours may have called the police.

“There’s been arguments coming from that flat every so often so it wasn’t unusual. Then there was more shouting on Sunday, too. At around 6.30pm I saw a man sprinting from the flat and tearing down the stairs but I didn’t see who it was.

“I went out and when I came back later on there were police cars and ambulances outside. The police wouldn’t let me back in so I had to stay with friends. The police came out to interview me about what I saw.

“I don’t who if there was anything sinister in it. The man wasn’t very well so it may have been medical. You would occasionally see people coming and going from the flat but the two men basically kept to 

Forensic specialists examined the flat, which was still taped off and under police guard last night.

Another resident said: “There had been commotion throughout the weekend with shouting and slamming doors. The man who died didn’t keep well. I think he had emphysema and found it difficult to get around.”

A Police Scotland spokesman said: “Officers are making inquiries in relation to the death of a male, who was discovered within a flat in Roseburn Terrace at about 8pm on Sunday. Police are appealing for anyone who was aware of any disturbance within the common stair at number 36 during Sunday or has any other information to contact police.”

A man was detained at the scene but has been released after helping police with their inquiries.