Man slashed cop with knife during attempted arrest

Police launch hunt for shop raiders
Police launch hunt for shop raiders
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A MAN slashed a police officer on the hand with an eight-inch kitchen knife as he tried to arrest him over a stolen car.

Steven Mason, 25, was jailed for 60 months after admitting handling the vehicle and attacking a constable with the blade.

Prosecutor Graeme Jessop told Sheriff John Beckett that an Audi A3 SL car had been stolen on October 1 last year.

On October 15, Mason was seen driving the car and five days later it was spotted, with false number plates, near his home in Great Carleton Square, Niddrie. When officers arrived to arrest him, he repeatedly tried to strike the officer with the knife.

Defence solicitor Steve Donald said his client had a significant Valium problem.

But he added that Mason had been out of trouble for about 12 months, working as a roofer and earning money.

He admitted Mason had a fascination for cars and driving and had been offered the Audi at a good price. “He was probably going to sell it,” said Mr Donald.