Manager and employee lock horns at helms of teams in derby match

Paul Ronald, left, and Mark Bradley
Paul Ronald, left, and Mark Bradley
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WHATEVER the result, Mark Bradley won’t be looking forward to work on Monday.

For the newly appointed Linlithgow Rose manager is set to make his full managerial debut this weekend in a head-to-head with local rivals Bo’ness United – who happen to be managed by his boss, Paul Ronald.

To add to the tension, Bo’ness assistant Willie Wilson also works in the same office.

Business development manager Mark, 35, said: “It’s amazing how things turn out – the odds of us being in the same office are incredible.

“There’s not a bigger game in the country for our supporters.

“Paul, Willie and myself have been friends for years but friendships will be put on hold until after Saturday.”

Both managers work side by side at marine suppliers Survipec Limited in Glasgow.

Sales manager Paul, 40, who has managed Bo’ness since the start of the season, said: “On Monday it will be a bit strange coming in to work – it’s been strange enough with Mark playing for Linlithgow this season. There’s been a bit of mickey taking.

“A lot of our colleagues are going to be coming to the match, including some people who would not normally have come along to the games.

“It’s probably the closest you will get here to an Old Firm or an Edinburgh derby – the two towns are a mile apart and there is a real sense of rivalry.

“It will be strange having two managers who are friends, but we both want our teams to win and that’s nothing less than the fans would expect.”

But Paul, who has worked for Surivpec for 20 years, joked: “If Mark turns us over he may be looking at a new desk in an office far, far away.”

Paul and Mark have even played together for the same team, with Berwick Rangers and Dumbarton, and have known each other through the sport for 15 years. But the gloves will be off at Saturday’s Super League match.

Mark, who came to the company five years ago, said: “There’ll be no need to get the players up for the game, they already know the importance of it.

“I’ve played against Paul and I’ve played with him. I was playing at Linlithgow juniors, then the management job came up at Bo’ness and Paul got that. Then two-and-a-half weeks ago, I got the job at Linlithgow.

“Both Paul and I have the same mentality, we won’t be holding any grudges when it comes to the game on Saturday, there won’t be any bad blood between us.

“Everyone at work has been having a good laugh about it, in fact I think they are more into the banter side of it than we are.”