Mark Greenaway recipe: Dark Chocolate Fondant

Dark chocolate fondant. Picture:Paul Johnston
Dark chocolate fondant. Picture:Paul Johnston
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After many requests for the full recipe following STV Edinburgh’s The Fountainbridge Show a couple of weeks ago, this week I am sharing my recipe for the perfect chocolate fondant.

Chocolate fondant is something which I always encourage people to make at home. They are a restaurant-style dessert but you will be surprised at how easy they are to make.

So many recipes insist on extra egg yolks and on whisking the eggs and sugar separately but this really isn’t necessary. My recipe is so simple, it really takes only four minutes to prepare and your dinner guests will be in awe when they unveil the perfectly gooey, oozing centre.

The mixture can be made in advance and stored in a piping bag in the fridge. Just remember to take it out an hour-and-a-half before it is needed to bring it back to room temperature. The trick is to serve the fondants as quickly as possible once you have removed them from the oven, if they are left to sit for too long the centre will continue cooking and you will ultimately end up serving chocolate cakes.

I would definitely recommend using a dark chocolate with at least 70 per cent cocoa in this recipe – the chocolate is going to be diluted down slightly by the other ingredients. If you start with a weak chocolate then the flavour will be lost by the time all of the elements have been mixed together.

Once you have mastered the basic recipe, then you can get creative, thinking up all of the amazing accompaniments that could be served with them. If you choose to stay quite classic, go for cream or a good quality vanilla ice cream. If you fancy something a little more adventurous, why not give salted caramel sauce a try? Dark chocolate is a flavour that can be combined with so many others. Add some orange zest to your fondant mixture for a chocolate orange treat or if you use this recipe during the summer months then why not pair it with some of the amazing berries that will soon be on offer?

The list is endless! If you have any interesting flavour pairings that you use with dark chocolate then tweet me @markgreenaway

METHOD (makes six)


170g dark chocolate (70% cocoa)

125g caster sugar

125g butter

4 eggs, beaten

145g plain flour

Preheat the oven to 190C.

Melt the chocolate, sugar and butter together over a Bain Marie and remove from the heat.

Add the eggs and mix thoroughly with a whisk.

Gently fold in the flour.

Divide the mixture evenly between six dariole moulds greased with butter and sugar or six ring moulds lined with greaseproof paper.

Bake for nine minutes and serve immediately.