Marti Pellow announces Wet Wet Wet departure

Marti Pellow is leaving Wet Wet Wet after 30 years. Picture: Simon Fowler
Marti Pellow is leaving Wet Wet Wet after 30 years. Picture: Simon Fowler
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Wet Wet Wet singer Marti Pellow has announced he is leaving the band after 30 years.

The 52-year-old plans to concentrate on solo work, including songwriting and acting.

He formed the band in the 1980s with friends Tommy Cunningham, Graeme Clark and Neil Mitchell, going on to sell more than 15 million singles and albums around the world with hits such as Goodnight Girl and Love Is All Around.

During previous breaks, Pellow has recorded solo albums and starred in the West End and on Broadway in shows including Chicago, Blood Brothers and Evita. He has also played a pantomime villain in Glasgow last Christmas.

He is said to be writing a new stage musical with producer Grant Mitchell and playwright Jack Bradley and will join a UK tour of Blood Brothers later this year.

Earlier this month, Wet Wet Wet played three nights at Edinburgh Castle to mark their 30th anniversary.

Pellow said he had loved his career with the band.

“I will be spending more time on my solo work - performing concerts, acting and my own songwriting - as an artist I feel a lot more settled in this world,” he said.

“I have had a great time and loved my career with Wet Wet Wet and to me they will always be the best band in the world.

“When I started in Wet Wet Wet I gave it 100% of my heart and soul and that’s what it demands and that is also what the fans demand - and if I can’t do that because my focus is elsewhere, then this is not fair on the fans or the rest of the guys in the band.”