Master team to lead way at the Quay

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A CONSORTIUM of 7N Architects and Michael Laird Architects has been appointed to develop a master plan for a new development in the city’s Fountain Quay area.

The appointment was made after a rigorous selection process, and the council said consultants have been tasked with creating a vision of a modern neighbourhood, with the capacity to accommodate a new Boroughmuir High School and offer some expansion potential to the city’s business district.

Edinburgh City Council’s property company, EDI, will use the plans and recommendations to shape the overall development of the area.

The city’s design leader, Riccardo Marini, said: “This team was selected because they exuded the confidence, understanding and skill to help the city reinterpret the master planning exercises of the past and deliver a viable and wonderful place.

“I have no doubt that Fountain Quay will become a welcome and complimentary addition to the city’s vibrant neighbourhoods.”