Medium shows good spirit in offer to rid flat of ghosts

Medium Mike Mulgrew has offered to help
Medium Mike Mulgrew has offered to help
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FRESH attempts are to be made to drive ghosts out of a “haunted” flat whose occupants say they are at their wits’ end with fear.

A medium is to step in to ask spirits to leave Vicky Dann’s home, which she claims is riddled with spooky goings-on that have left her daughters Jenna, 18, and Emma, 11, terrified.

Vicky Dann at her home in Dalkeith

Vicky Dann at her home in Dalkeith

Miss Dann, of Newton Village, Dalkeith, claims strange shapes appear from nowhere in photographs she takes, while her children regularly say they see ghostly figures.

Following her story in Friday’s Evening News, local spiritual psychic medium Michael Mulgrew, 48, has offered to help, believing he can clear her home once and for all.

He said: “It normally takes 30 minutes to an hour [to remove the spirit] but it depends on how stubborn it is.”

The Evening News revealed a Church of Scotland minister, Reverend Keith Mack, from St John’s and King’s Park Church, blessed the flat three weeks ago but his efforts were in vain.

Midlothian Paranormal Investigations also spent five hours in the flat at the weekend, taking photographs and video footage, which it is now analysing.

But Mr Mulgrew, who lives in Musselburgh and claims he can “speak to dead people”, believes he has the answer.

He said: “The spirit has to be identified to move it on and only a medium can carry that out. Having a minister or priest there to do a blessing is not the answer.” The 48-year-old musician added: “It’s interesting that Vicky has two daughters. What I usually find is that the spirits attach themselves to a member of the family, usually a young girl going through puberty.”

Father-of-one, Mr Mulgrew, claims to have helped people in similar situations across 40 to 50 homes, both locally and abroad, over a 25-year period.

The former publications manager at NatWest, who is registered disabled owing to spinal problems, said: “Identifying the spirit shouldn’t take long because they’re generally drawn towards a medium.”

He added: “I became aware of my gift at the age of five and have helped many people.”

Miss Dann said it was “great” he had offered to help and will meet with him next week.

Miss Dann said if the situation does not improve, she may consider leaving her Castle Rock Edinvar home where she has lived for the last decade.