“Meow Meow” dealer who sold chemical after law change faces jail

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A DRUG dealer who sold the banned chemical “Meow Meow” after the law on so-called legal highs was changed was warned today he faces a prison sentence.

Graham Carroll – who admitted making up to £15,000 a week from sales of the ‘plant food’ stimulant while it was legal – was found guilty of being concerned in the supply of drugs.

Carroll, 46, told a jury at Livingston Sheriff Court that he stopped keeping sales records after the substance was ruled illegal in April 2010.

He said his income from selling plant food marked “not for human consumption” fell to £1000 a week after Mephedrone was banned in the UK.

But through his kitchen company in Livingston, West Lothian, he continued to import and sell chemicals from his contacts in China, claiming they were permitted under the new law.

He alleged in his defence that his ex-partner had “set him up” to rob him of £50,000.

He claimed former stripper Lesley Anderson reported him to police after replacing the legal stimulants E2 and E3 he was selling with illegal Mephedrone while he was away for the weekend.

However, police officers told the trial that Carroll had packages of drugs hidden down the front of his trousers when they detained him.