Metal thief caught unloading pipes

Livingston Sheriff Court
Livingston Sheriff Court
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A METAL thief was caught red-handed after a suspicious neighbour reported him for unloading copper pipes in the early hours.

Police soon arrived and found that Scott Beattie, 26, had stolen the metal from a heating contractor’s storage unit.

Beattie, from Forth Drive in Livingston, today admitted breaking into a shipping container in his home town and helping himself to £500 worth of copper pipe on January 18.

Livingston Sheriff Court heard he was seen unloading the metal from a flat-bed truck outside his home at 5.45am in the morning.

Prosecutor Stewart Houston said police described Beattie as “sweating profusely” and unable to give a reasonable explanation for the piping.

He admitted in a police interview that he’d taken a hacksaw to one of the locks on the container and opened it.

Sheriff Martin Edington called for background reports and deferred sentence until March 13.