Mikaeel Kular’s dad: Why my son was killed

Mikaeel Kular
Mikaeel Kular
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THE father of Mikaeel Kular has said he believes his son was killed by Rosdeep Adekoya because the three year-old was a “miniature version” of his father.

Speaking for the first time since Adekoya was jailed for killing their son, Zahid Saeed told a Sunday newspaper: “I think she killed Mikaeel because she couldn’t stand to see me in him every day.”

He added: “I wish I’d never met her.”

His comments come as it was revealed that Adekoya has been granted visits in prison by Mikaeel’s twin sister and her other children.

Adekoya admitted Mikaeel’s culpable homicide at the High Court and was jailed for 11 years last month.

Mikaeel died of his injuries three days after she inflicted a fatal beating on her son on January 14. Adekoya hid his body in a suitcase in woods near her sister’s home in Kirkcaldy in Fife, before lying to police about his ‘disappearance’ and sparking a massive search.

Mr Saeed claimed that Adekoya became obsessed with revenge following their three-month fling in 2009, saying: “She killed him because he was a miniature version of me and in doing that she was killing a part of me, too.

“She was killing me and she was killing me legacy.

“Her obsession made her love me but then it made her hate and resent me and she would stop at nothing to hurt me for rejecting her.

“I think she killed Mikaeel because she couldn’t stand to see me in him every day. We look the same and we have the same character.

“My son was the innocent victim. I just wish she’d brought her anger down on me and not on him.”

Mr Saeed revealed his anguish at not being able to protect his son, and failing to force his former lover to grant him access to Mikaeel, whom had little contact with in the two years before his death.

He said: “Every second of the day I wonder whether I could have stopped it, whether I could have done more. What if I had fought harder or been stronger? Would he still be alive?

“She played games for so long that she wore me down and I gave in. Then she did the one thing she knew would break me.

“She has created this nightmare for me and I will live in that forever but deep down I know her evil was as a result of an obsession which led her to do things no one could understand.”

Adekoya has been granted visits at Cornton Vale prison by Mikaeel’s twin sister and her other children every fortnight, sparking outrage among justice campaigners and psychologists.

It is understood that Adekoya has created a ‘shrine’ in her prison cell to her children, including photographs of Mikaeel.

Julie Macleod, who launched a petition calling for ‘Justice for Mikaeel’, said: “The fact that she is now seeing her other children in prison is disgusting.

“Why should she have that privilege when she has robbed them of their brother?”

Psychologist Gladeana McMahon said: “You have to think about the psychological trauma of a child having to visit a parent in prison and then come away.”

Adekoya’s lawyer has confirmed that she will not lodge an appeal against her sentence ahead of a deadline tomorrow.