Mikaeel Kular’s mum ‘is a demon’, says dad

Rosdeep Adekoya
Rosdeep Adekoya
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Mikaeel Kular’s grief-stricken dad wants “demon” Rosdeep Adekoya to spend the rest of her life in jail for killing their son.

Zahid Saeed, 30, said she should have to “live with the guilt for eternity” after she admitted beating their three year-old to death.

Adekoya, 34, confessed to killing him at the High Court on Friday, where harrowing details emerged of how she inflicted more than 40 injuries on her son, hid his body in a suitcase, then told police he had gone missing, sparking a massive search.

Mr Saeed said: “She’s not a monster – not even a monster would kill their own child.”

“My opinion is it should be an eye for an eye. But I don’t want her to rot in hell, I want her to live for eternity so she can remember what she has done and live with the guilt.

“I hope she does not take the easy way out. She should suffer every day.

“She should stay in jail until she dies. No parent should ever go through what I went through. I wouldn’t wish that on my worst enemy.”

A case review has been launched to investigate whether Fife Council acted correctly to protect Mikaeel, who was put into care twice, and whether they properly informed Edinburgh City Council social work staff when the family moved to the Capital.

Scottish Labour justice spokesman Graeme Pearson MSP wants any staff members personally responsible for the lapse to be named and shamed.

The former senior police officer, said: “The question is whether the councils, in identifying any shortcomings, are honest enough to indicate who let the family down.

“Very often, systems are found to have failed, but not any individuals. I am not looking for scapegoats but, where people have been let down by our system, we should be able to identify that.”

The Evening News told on Saturday how members of the Drylaw community, where Mikaeel lived, have been left furious after prosecutors failed to try Adekoya with murder.

Instead, she was allowed to plead guilty to a lesser charge of culpable homicide, which carries an average sentence of just eight years.

Adekoya will be sentenced on August 25.