Minecraft hero Stampy to meet local pupils

Stampy, aka Joseph Garrett. Picture: comp
Stampy, aka Joseph Garrett. Picture: comp
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HE is the YouTube sensation whose video channel is one of the most viewed in the world and overshadows pop stars such as One Direction, Rhianna and Justin Bieber.

To a young generation of video and game fans, Stampylonghead – Stampy for short – is the equivalent of a Hollywood A-list superstar.

The closest most fans usually get to their hero, however, is to join the 3.7 million other subscribers who have helped his YouTube channel rack up an astonishing 1568m views, earning him an estimated £200,000 a month.

But now a lucky group of East Lothian primary school pupils have learned they are to come face to face with this internet sensation.

Stampy, otherwise known as 23-year-old Joseph Garrett from Portsmouth and whose YouTube channel is regularly among the world’s top five, will meet pupils from tiny East Linton Primary School tomorrow.

He’ll be joined by four other YouTube sensations iBallisticSquid, Amy Lee 33, Nettie Play and L for Leeeeee.

Together, they have nearly six million YouTube subscribers who regularly watch ­videos of them playing hit Lego-style building blocks game, Minecraft.

The game, the second most successful video game in history, is made by 4J Studios from their tiny base in the ­village of East Linton.

Pupils at the school gasped with surprise when they learned during school assembly that they had been invited to meet Stampy – known for his “zany” children’s television presenter style – and the other YouTube stars.

4J Studios chief technology officer Paddy Burns, whose daughter, Beth, is a pupil at the primary school, organised the visit.

“I said as well as coming to see us, perhaps they could do something with the local kids,” he said.

“Stampy’s is the number four YouTube channel in the world, his videos get millions of views every month and he is well aware that it’s kids aged from six to around 12 who love to watch.

“The children are delighted.”

Around 150 children from the school will meet the YouTubers tomorrow.

The location is being kept under wraps to avoid the risk of the event being gatecrashed by hundreds of fans.

Minecraft fan Kate Lothian, nine, who is in P6 at the ­primary school, said pupils let out a gasp when they discovered they are to meet the video superstars.

“Stampy’s videos are better than television,” she said.

“He’s really entertaining. Everyone is really excited.”

Her mum Pauline, however, admitted she’s only vaguely aware of Stampy and his fellow YouTube stars.

“I just know he has quite a high voice and talks ten to the dozen,” she said.

“I keep asking Kate how she can bear listening to it.”