Missing cat Yoda returns after year-and-a-half

Catherine Lang with her long-lost cat Yoda. Picture: Toby Williams
Catherine Lang with her long-lost cat Yoda. Picture: Toby Williams
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WHEN this mischievous moggy managed to squeeze his way through a locked cat flap 16 months ago, his owner lost all hope of ever seeing her beloved pet again.

But almost a year-and-a-half after he went missing, the feline miraculously reappeared on the other side of the city – double the size he used to be.

Catherine Lang, from Colinton, was “delighted” to be reunited with three-year-old Yoda, but said she couldn’t believe how much weight he’d gained.

Yoda, who has a microchip, went missing at the start of May 2014 while Catherine was on holiday in Ibiza.

In the care of her friend in Liberton, he was left – but managed to escape through a locked cat flap and never returned.

Catherine said: “When I got back from my holiday I scoured the city for about three months.

“I was absolutely distraught, I hung up posters, posted leaflets through people’s doors – I did everything in my power to get Yoda back.

“People actually started noticing me in the street and asked if I’d found him yet.”

To fill the gap that Yoda left behind, Catherine purchased two kittens, unaware that he was happily straying in Loanhead, near the industrial estate.

Catherine said: “Apparently he had been straying in Loanhead for a while.

“He is a big handsome dude, and I’ve got him back twice the size he used to be – he’s so fat.

“When I left him at my friend’s last year, he was thin. He is about four times the size of my new cats.”

Yoda was reunited with Catherine last week after Lothian Cat Rescue retrieved him from the streets.

They were contacted by businesses at Loanhead industrial estate, where Yoda – named by Catherine’s Star Wars-loving nephew – had been getting fed.

Catherine said: “It was really emotional when we were reunited. He came straight over to me to be cuddled – he knew immediately who I was.”

Jacci Edwards, a rescue warden, said: “Yoda had been hanging around the industrial estate in Loanhead and had been trying to get into some of the offices.

“Some of the workers felt sorry for him and had been feeding him.

“We knew he belonged to Catherine when we picked him up because of his microchip.”

Jacci added: “This is a great example of why microchips are so important – when we rescue cats that are microchipped we can return them to their owners quickly, but if they aren’t, we have to rehome them.”

The return of Yoda comes just days after another moggy, from Musselburgh, was reunited with his family after 15 months.

Boris Noris Basil the Third went missing last year while his owners were on holiday. They moved to London, but travelled back two weeks ago after he was found.