Missing Yulia Solodyankina friends in new appeal

Yulia Solodyankina
Yulia Solodyankina
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FRIENDS of Yulia Solodyankina have called for restraint over speculation regarding the missing student’s whereabouts amid concern it could hamper the police investigation.

The call came after an online discussion of a possible sighting of the 22-year-old physics student on the Isle of Mull in the Facebook group “Yulia is Missing”. The post has since been removed from the page by administrators. And now friends of the student who has not been seen since June 7, have urged anyone with information to go directly to the police instead of posting on Facebook.

Matthew Crisp, 24, who spoke on behalf of a group of the missing dancer’s friends, said: “Our Facebook group has received some messages of potential sightings. While it is extremely heartening that sightings are being reported, we are not the people to tell.

“We urge anybody with any information to go directly to the police. They are taking all leads very seriously and will deal with the information appropriately. We as her friends and family can do very little with this kind of information and it is important that information like this stays out of the public domain as it could potentially lead the campaign in unhelpful directions.”

Matthew also revealed that several posts discussing possible sightings of the student, who has not been seen in over a month, had already been removed from the Facebook groups set up to help find her.

“We have a zero tolerance policy on speculation that isn’t based on reliable evidence and as such, anything we deem to be speculative or unhelpful gets deleted from the Facebook group,” he said.

A spokesman for Police Scotland confirmed that they received a call about the potential sighting on the Isle of Mull and were pursuing the lead along with other inquiries.

He added: “I can confirm that investigators have received a strong response over the weekend and have received several calls from all over the Highlands.

“Anyone who believes they may have seen Yulia is urged to contact 101, which is the most appropriate way of providing police with information.”

Yulia was last seen on CCTV in Glasgow’s Buchanan Street bus station at 4.55pm on Friday, June 7, after getting off a bus from Edinburgh.

Police believe she may have travelled from there to the north or far west of Scotland, based on information regarding places around Scotland Yulia had previously visited, and the timetable of buses leaving Buchanan Street.