Mitchell lie test can’t be used in court

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A LIE detector test taken by killer Luke Mitchell part of his latest appeal is not admissable in court.

Mitchell has spent eight years behind bars after being jailed for the brutal murder of 14 year old Jodi Jones in Dalkeith in 2003.

He is serving a minimum 20 year sentence at Shotts Prison, Lanarkshire, and has always protested his innocence.

The test, which asked Mtchell – now 23 – if he had been present when Jodi was killed and whether he stabbed Jodi, concluded that he was telling the truth when he answered no to both questions.

The results are now set to be submitted as part of the killer’s latest but to overturn his conviction – even though polygraph tests are not admissable in British courts.

The test was carried out by UK expert Terry Mullins, a full member of the British and American Polygraph Associations, and paid for by Mitchell’s defence team.

Mr Mullins said: “I’m certain of the test result. It’s absolute.”