Mitchell team links Greens to Jodi killing

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MURDERER Luke Mitchell is to renew attempts to clear his name – by blaming the Da Vinci Code rapist for killing teenager Jodi Jones.

His solicitors are putting together a case which will allege convicted rapist Robert Greens was responsible, it has been reported.

Mitchell was jailed in 2005 for the schoolgirl murder which made headlines across the UK.

It is understood the dossier will be put in front of the Scottish Criminal Cases Review Commission, citing the fact Greens was in the area at the time and the “modus operandi” was similar to his offence.

The report’s author, Sandra Lean, who is helping Mitchell’s defence team, said: “When I realised Greens had apparently been regularly in the vicinity at the time, it sent a shiver through my spine. It’s hard to believe no-one has joined the dots since he became so notorious.”