Mormon mum shocked at her Moonwalk leaflet bra pic

The MoonWalk billboard featuring Sabina beside the Commonwealth Pool. 'Picture: Neil Hanna
The MoonWalk billboard featuring Sabina beside the Commonwealth Pool. 'Picture: Neil Hanna
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Running through the streets wearing nothing but your underwear can take a bit of bra-vado – even if it is for a good cause.

And after having her arm twisted to take part in the competition, demure mother-of-seven Sabina Casto was stunned to discover pictures of her in her bra taking part in Edinburgh’s MoonWalk have appeared in thousands of
leaflets, and on buses and large billboards across Edinburgh.

The “mortified” mum admitted she hadn’t read the small-print in signing up for the run, after being convinced to take part by a friend – and said the use of the images had upset her and her husband.

Sabina, who lives in Spain with husband Matthew, 44, a construction worker, and children Isabella, 16, Adriella, 16, Lorenzo, 14, Alessandro, 12, Massimo, ten, eight-year-old Dante and Ottavio, five, said she only found out how widely the image had been used when her friends called her.

“I was absolutely mortified,” she said. “Before long friends were sending me images of it on the side of double-decker buses. The whole thing has kind of snowballed.

“We’re Mormon and we’re pretty religious – my husband wasn’t very happy about me going about in my bra and he really didn’t like the fact I’m in the posters!

“I must have signed something in the small print, but to be honest I didn’t read any of it.”

Originally from Boston, Massachusetts, Sabina, 39, decided to take part in the event, which has raised more than £16 million in Scotland since its launch in 2006, when she was on holiday in the Capital with friend Angela Rooney, last year.

The fundraiser sees participants don outrageous brassieres and march through the city at night.

She said: “My friend asked me if I would like to do the MoonWalk with her, and I wasn’t really that keen, but she managed to twist my arm. Angela has quite a few people in her life who are struggling with cancer so it’s a cause which is very dear to her.”

Founder and chief executive of Walk the Walk, Nina Barough, said a participant from the previous year is chosen to be the face of each subsequent MoonWalk campaign.

She added: “We generally don’t know who the walkers are, but as part of signing up for the event, they give permission for their photos to be used.

“Our poster girls or boys usually feel really honoured when they find out they’ve been chosen.”

To sign up for this year’s MoonWalk at Inveleith Park in June – featuring the New Moon (6.55 miles), Half Moon (13.1 miles) and Full Moon (26.2 miles) events – visit The MoonWalk Scotland at