Mother-of-four sheds 8 stone using hula hoop

Yvonne's new look. Picture: contributed
Yvonne's new look. Picture: contributed
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A MUM-OF-FOUR from Midlothian has her family in a spin after managing to lose eight stone from hula-hooping.

Yvonne Wyse, 46, once tipped the scales at 19 stone and decided to reach for the plastic hoops after being filled with dread at the thought of being photographed at her stepson’s wedding.

Yvonne Wyse weighed  19 stone before she began slimming. Picture: contributed

Yvonne Wyse weighed 19 stone before she began slimming. Picture: contributed

Now the dining room supervisor from Dalkeith has no such worries after shedding the weight to reach a slim 11 stone.

Yvonne’s weight loss campaign started in January last year when husband Stephen and her family bought her a weighted keep-fit hula hoop.

She said: “Instead of buying me chocolates for my birthday my family bought me a hula hoop and they’ve been with me all the way.

“I was covered in bruises all over from it at the start, but I did it myself at home at my own pace and soon got the hang of it.”

Yvonne had never managed to lose her baby weight after having four children and admitted to comfort eating throughout the day.

She said: “I’ve always been a big girl and I dreaded going shopping. It was a nightmare and always made me feel depressed.

“I hated the changing room mirrors and avoided them at all costs.”

The invitation to her stepson Keith’s wedding proved the catalyst.

“The thought of the wedding photographs filled me with dread, along with the thought of finding something to wear,” she said.

“It’s amazing how many people have noticed the difference, the children at school comment on the new me and people who haven’t seen me for ages stop in the street wanting to know the secret of my success. My husband feels like he is married to a celebrity.”

Yvonne is one of 20 finalists who have made it through to Scottish Slimmers’ 2013 Slimmer of the Year competition.

The event is taking place this Sunday at the Westerwood Hotel in 

• HULA-HOOPING is not the only thing Yvonne Wyse has to thank for her weight loss – she can also credit a vastly improved diet.

The old Yvonne would start the day with several slices of toast with lots of butter followed by a big bowl of cereal. For lunch she would have sandwiches, biscuits and bars of chocolate, while dinner would include lasagne and chips with several helpings of her favourite garlic bread.

Yvonne would also snack on sweet treats and cream cakes throughout the day.

Now the petite mum starts her morning with a bowl of porridge and banana followed by either soup and a sandwich, or a salad and yoghurt for lunch.

A low-fat healthy dinner of grilled meat and steamed vegetables is her evening meal. She has cut out the sweeties and cakes, instead snacking on fruit and yoghurts. Gone also are the after-dinner digestives that used to go with a cup of tea.