Mountaineer pays tribute to team’s bond

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INTREPID Capital mountaineer Henry Chaplin has paid testament to the “incredibly strong bond” within his team as it continues in its bid to conquer Everest.

Henry, 49, from Barnton, is accompanying a party of wounded servicemen to the summit of Mount Everest in order to raise money for the army charity, Walking with the Wounded.

His wife, Christina, 44, and kids George, 13, Magnus, 12, and Amelie, nine, will also accompany the group until they reach base camp.

Speaking of the injured servicemen, Henry said: “They are all completely used to sleeping in tents and sorting out their personal admin – it’s completely second nature for them.

“They will never fail on that front. On a tour of Afghanistan you are living in pretty rough conditions.”

Henry, a former officer in the Royal Green Jackets, said the team’s cohesion comes from shared experiences.

He added: “You won’t find on Everest, ever, a group who will work so well as this team. There’s an incredibly strong bond.”

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