MP supports bid for park protection

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EDINBURGH East MP Sheila Gilmore has backed a bid by Craigmillar residents to protect Cairntows Park from future development.

Locals asked Ms Gilmore to seek Queen Elizabeth Fields in Trust Diamond Jubilee protection for the park, after local groups fought off plans to build housing on the site last summer.

Ms Gilmore wrote to the city council, which has told her it will consider the matter.

Last year the council approved a number of sites across the city to gain protection during the year of the Queen’s Diamond Jubilee.

Ms Gilmore said: “Residents have led the battle to protect this park and earlier this year they asked me to seek better protection for the park.

“I am pleased that the council is looking to include this green space in the list of sites submitted as part of the Fields in Trust Diamond Jubilee scheme.

“For residents in Cairntows and Craigmillar, it is vitally important that this park is protected from development and its recreational use is secured for future generations.

“Quite rightly, residents are seeking to ensure that there is no repeat of last year’s campaign.”