Mr Trashmouth Records: Art student sells surname

Alan Kerr is now Alan Trashmouth Records
Alan Kerr is now Alan Trashmouth Records
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A HARD-up art student who put his surname up for auction to the highest bidder has now sold it for just £200.

Alan Kerr, 33, tried for months to get a decent sponsorship deal in a bid to gain recognition for his art work and make some money.

But now an independent music label has stepped in and the student has changed his name to Alan Trashmouth Records.

Alan, a final-year student at Edinburgh College of Art, will keep the name for a year and is “excited” to hear what people will have to say about it.

He said: “I changed my name by deed poll. It’s a good name for being in a rock band. Now I will have to change my details with the bank and on my driving licence.

“It’s really up to me to get all that stuff sorted. I hope people will accept it.

“I’ve often said that being an artist is like being in a band. The money will also go toward paying for the documents and changing my name back at the end of the year.

“Hopefully this will get me some recognition and get me some work after I graduate. I’ll be known as the guy who changed his name. It should be fun.

“I told my mum and dad at the beginning and they didn’t seem to mind.

“The record label were really excited about it and really upbeat. It’s something different for them.

“It’s about artists and how artists make money and how, as a young graduating artist, I can make money.”

Alan, who first appeared in the Evening News last October, approached businesses across the country.

The student, who is currently in the band Bat-Bike, is working with the record company to produce his debut album, Getting Back, which will be released in the summer.

Trashmouth Records is a music recording label based in London responsible for signing bands including Fat White Family, Taman Shud, Meatrafle and Bat-Bike.

Liam D May, record producer at the music label, said: “He was looking for someone to sponsor him and we just thought it was a really funny idea and we really liked it.

“It really suits him as a person to be doing something like that. When Alan came to me I just laughed. I thought it was really funny.

“It’s very surreal and interesting. I’ve never heard of anybody wanting to take the cooperate sponsorship concept that far.”