Mugger takes teenager’s mobile phone

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A TEENAGE boy walking home from school was robbed by a mugger who stole his phone.

The 15-year-old was walking along the footpath between Pentland Gardens and Oxgangs Avenue in Oxgangs at around 4.15pm on Monday when the suspect approached him and asked for the time.

As the boy took his phone out of his pocket to check the clock, the suspect threatened him and demanded the phone, which was handed over.

The suspect, who is described as white, around 16 years old with dark spiky hair and wearing a grey Adidas tracksuit, then made off towards Braid Hills.

Officers are following a positive line of inquiry, but appealed to anyone with information to assist the investigation to come forward.

A police spokesman said: “At no point did the suspect assault the victim. Nevertheless, this was a frightening experience, which resulted in the theft of his phone.

“Anyone who was in or around Pentland Gardens or Oxgangs Avenue at 4.15pm on Monday and saw anything suspicious is asked to contact police immediately.”