Muirhouse residents brand neighbours ‘snobs’ after gates are welded shut

FURIOUS residents have branded neighbours in a modern housing development “snobs” after a gate leading to a playpark was welded shut.

Residents in Muirhouse last week found that an access gate between the Eastway project in Silverknowes and the Millennium Park had been closed permanently.

They believe the gate was welded shut in retaliation for a decision by city bosses to scrap “crazy” plans for a wall closing off three access points between Silverknowes and Muirhouse after reports of “marauding youths” causing “mayhem”.

It is understood the gate was welded by factors at Hacking and Paterson, acting on behalf of Eastway residents.

Eileen Carr, secretary of Tenants and Residents in Muirhouse (TRIM), said: “It’s just snobbery. The people living in Eastway do not want to be seen as part of the EH4 postcode. They want to remove themselves from Muirhouse by creating a physical barrier through which they can then say they are a gated community and separate from us.


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“And I think the people who did this are flexing their muscles after the council refused to build a wall between Muirhouse and Silverknowes and saying that they are just going to do what they want.”

She went on: “The people who did this are not considering residents in Silverknowes either. The gate is a convenient and safe way for people in Muirhouse to get through to Davidson’s Mains and visit friends and relatives in Silverknowes. But the gate is also for people in Silverknowes who want access to the playpark.

“It’s a lot of nonsense it has been welded shut and for the people who did it not to approach anybody to say it was being planned is terrible. ”

City council bosses said they were aware of the situation but would not take any action as the gate is the property of Silverknowes Eastway Owners Association.


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Muirhouse Community Council chair Roy Douglas said: “Residents are concerned that this has happened without their knowledge and I think they will take action over this.”

He added: “This is a slap in the face to us from residents in Silverknowes after the council’s decision not to go ahead with walling off access points between their area and Muirhouse. Because they didn’t get their way, they are now going to do everything they can to split the communities up.”

The Evening News contacted Hacking and Paterson, and Davidson’s Mains and Silverknowes Association, but no-one was available for comment. Last month we revealed that Silverknowes residents had asked city leaders to back plans to brick up three access points leading to Muirhouse following a spate of incidents last year which led to smashed windows and attempted break-ins. The plans were later rejected by councillors.