Multiple drivers out of pocket after ‘horrendous’ Edinburgh pothole wrecks their cars

Three drivers were left hundreds of pounds out of pocket and with damaged tyres after hitting a “horrendous” pothole on an Edinburgh road.

Friday, 27th December 2019, 9:35 am

Mike Woods, 48, was driving to his family’s home in Ratho when he hit the pothole last week.

The size of the pothole was so large that Mr Woods’ car suffered significant damage, losing a tyre in the process which cost him nearly £100 to replace.

To his shock he discovered another two drivers at the side of the road, both of whom had encountered the same pothole, one suffering a buckled wheel.

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The massive pothole at Ratho caused damage to the car of Evening News reader Mike Woods.

Both Mr Woods and another of the drivers impacted by the road contacted the Evening News to raise awareness of the “horrendous” pothole.

Mr Woods said: “It turned out two other drivers had both hit the same pothole and the girl for the second time had had her tyre trashed. The guy had his tyre trashed and his wheel buckled.

“I went to photograph the pothole and while waiting to be able to photograph the hole, the number of bangs I heard as cars ran through this hole was absolutely horrendous.

“I think if you drive through the hole you will be lucky not to cause damage.”

The incident took place at around 4.15pm on Monday, December 16.

As Pothole Pete, the Evening News’ roads champion, continues his mission to find the Capital’s worst roads, Mr Woods added that the state of Edinburgh’s routes are “appalling”.

He said: “The state of the roads is absolutely appalling. The state of the main roads are shocking and the state of the side roads are absolutely terrible.

“Given that this road is a B road, it is still the national speed limit so technically you could be doing 60mph which makes this hole a serious road hazard and a serious risk to life.

“This road is one of the main routes into Ratho it is a shocking road. The condition of the road is horrendous. It is badly cut up and has grit all over the road.

“The pothole I hit is simply one of the many on the road which has been allowed to turn into a serious danger.”

Transport and environment vice convener, councillor Karen Doran, said the council is aware of the issues on Harvest Road and Baird Road with plans for several potholes to be fixed.

She said: “The council had become aware of the problems in this area during one of our programmed inspections.

“As a result of this repairs have been identified and will be carried out shortly. Anyone who spots a pothole should report it using our online form.”