Mum finds rotting human tooth in Jaffa Cake

Kirsty Donoghue whose mother found a tooth in a jaffa cake. Picture: Cate Gillon
Kirsty Donoghue whose mother found a tooth in a jaffa cake. Picture: Cate Gillon
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A TAXI driver claims she bit into a Jaffa Cake and discovered a “human tooth” inside the

Valerie Donoghue, 47, said she bit into “something hard” while chewing on the 
chocolate-coated snack during a break at the wheel and spat a decayed tooth into her hand.

The mother-of-four was so disgusted by the stomach-
turning discovery that she had to flee her cab to be sick.

Now she has vowed to never eat Jaffa Cakes again – and has won an apology from the 

“It’s just horrible,” said Ms Donoghue, who lives in Prestonpans, East Lothian. “I actually had this thing in my mouth and spat it out.

“It was shock-horror and I was started feeling around my mouth to check it wasn’t one of mine. It definitely wasn’t and I’m a million per cent sure of that.

“I think my stomach hit my ankles when I realised it was someone else’s tooth. I had to get out of the taxi and was sick at the side of the road.”

She asked: “How does a human tooth get into a cake mix?”

Ms Donoghue returned to Sainsbury’s at Meadowbank where she bought the Jaffa Cakes last Thursday but was told to contact McVities, the manufacturer.

She has since received a letter from parent company United Biscuits – which has vowed to investigate the

“Imagine someone had given that biscuit to a small child they could have choked on that,” she said. “An adult would know something was wrong but a child might not have realised.

“I’ll never eat Jaffa Cakes again in my life and I used to love Jaffa Cakes.”

Daughter Kirsty, 23, said her mother was particularly squeamish about the incident because it was a “rotten, horrible tooth”.

“I think this is really bad that Sainbury’s said to contact the manufacturer because they are point of sale and my mum should have rights as a consumer and its seems that they weren’t that interested.”

A spokeswoman for United Biscuits could not explain why the object was inside its 
product and promised to investigate.

“We are extremely sorry to hear of the complaint from Ms Donoghue,” she said.

“We have asked her to return the packet and object to us and we will be investigating to check against all the controls in place.

“United Biscuits takes the quality of its products very seriously and has stringent quality assurance procedures in place, including filtering of all the ingredients used.”