Mum gives birth in back of car during dash to hospital

Mum Jennifer Hutchison shows off her new baby daughter, Iona Rose from the back seat. Pic Neil Hanna
Mum Jennifer Hutchison shows off her new baby daughter, Iona Rose from the back seat. Pic Neil Hanna
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A MUM was forced to take a hands-on approach to child-birth when her second child decided to arrive while she was on all fours in the back of their old Vauxhall Astra – just a minute before they arrived at the hospital.

Jennifer Hutchison, 29, had to deliver baby Iona Rose while her husband frantically drove around a roundabout minutes away from the maternity ward.

The new mum and her husband Scott, 31, from Broughton, near Peebles, said they were “very shocked” their baby daughter arrived just over an hour after her contractions started.

Jennifer, who gave birth in the back of the car early on Monday morning, said her daughter was very laid back despite her speedy arrival.

She said: “I was very surprised. My contractions started at 2.30am, seven minutes apart, but as soon as I got off the phone to the hospital they started coming every two and a half minutes, even though my waters hadn’t broken.

“I woke up my sister-in-law, who lives a few doors down, and she took our two-year-old, Connor, when we made our way at quarter to three. We bought the car second hand in 2001, so it is quite old, but we reckoned the hospital was only an hour away.

“I couldn’t look out of the windows or see, I was in so much pain, and it was really foggy so we couldn’t drive too fast.

“When we reached a little village called Walkersburn my waters broke, then when we were going round the roundabout about two minutes from the hospital I shouted ‘She’s coming’.

“My husband tried to put his hand around to help, but he was driving.

“Her head was out then and she arrived literally as we parked the car outside the ­hospital.

“The staff rushed out but she had arrived, I delivered her myself.”

She added: “I used to be a nursery nurse so I guess you could say I was sort of ­prepared.”

Jennifer said the birth had gone relatively easily.

She said: “It was quite sore and I wasn’t on any painkillers, but there was no tearing. I just got on with it. While the baby was in the car the staff cut the cord. Three or four midwives, or staff, had rushed out, but they said there was nothing to do for them.

“The only way we could find out exactly when she was born was by the hospital’s CCTV. She arrived at 3.48am, so just over an hour after it all started.”

She said: “The security staff and the nurses were excellent. The car was a mess afterwards and they helped clear it out.

“It looks like the baby will keep me on my toes, but she’s relatively laid back.

Jennifer revealed that while the arrival of her latest child had been more than a little complicated it had still been easier than her first.

“The birth was quick in comparison to my first time,” she said. “That took over six hours and there were a few complications so the doctors had to use forceps.”

Jennifer and Scott, a gamekeeper, arrived home on Monday night at 6.30pm, where they are now relaxing.