Mum left in fear by her

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A “SCANTILY clothed” mum ran from a house in fear after being threatened by a drugged-up ex-partner.

Christopher Goldie – who was on insulin and steroids – went to Kirsty Lees’ home after their relationship ended and chased her upstairs.

She fled outside, leaving her baby in the house, and flagged down a van. The driver let her in and locked the doors, but moments later a furious Goldie jumped in front of the vehicle.

Stewart Houston, prosecuting, said: “She ran into the street in bare feet and scantily clothed. She was fearful enough to leave her young child in the house.”

Goldie, 27, of Broxburn, West Lothian, appeared for sentence at Livingston Sheriff Court yesterday after earlier pleading guilty to behaving in a threatening and abusive manner on September 25 last year.

Sheriff Martin Edington placed Goldie under supervision for a year and ordered 90 hours of unpaid community work.