Mum wins huge payout after split

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A MOTHER OF THREE who was surviving on state benefits after splitting from her mega-rich partner has been awarded a £250,000 palimony payout after a court battle.

Jacqueline Whigham, 50, who now lives in a council house in Penicuik, launched a legal action against businessman Steven Owen for a share of his wealth following the break-up of their 26-year relationship.

Mr Owen, who still lives in the former family home, a five-bedroom property at Ninemileburn and flies a private aircraft as a hobby, claimed his assets of £747,000 derived not from anything Ms Whigham did, but from his partnership with his brotherand from his own hard work.

But at the Court of Session, Lord Drummond Young ruled that Mr Owen should pay his former partner £250,000. He said Ms Whigham had made substantial contributions to the running of the household and to Mr Owen’s business activities and had been unable to develop any career of her own. Ms Whigham has tried to secure work as a cleaner and childminder, but due to depression was unable to maintain it.