Murder victim Jodi Jones’ gran hits out at killer Luke Mitchell’s lie detector test video

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THE grandmother of murdered teenager Jodi Jones hit out today after her killer posted a video on a social network site in an attempt to prove his innocence.

Prison officials gave permission for 24-year-old Luke Mitchell to publish video footage of him passing a lie detector test on YouTube in which he denied killing his girlfriend Jodi in 2003 when they were both aged 14.

Luke Mitchell is seen hooked up to the polygraph machine answering questions

Luke Mitchell is seen hooked up to the polygraph machine answering questions

View the full 16-minute long video here

Speaking from her home in Dalkeith, near where Jodi’s body was found, Alice Walker said: “It doesn’t prove anything. He is a lying, cheating murderer. He’s scum It makes me very angry”.

Condemnation also came from Scottish Tory chief John Lamont who said : “It is insensitive in the extreme. Clearly there has been no thought of how the victim’s family would feel”.

Jodi’s mum Judith was too upset to comment.

Mitchell became the first UK prisoner to be allowed to post footage of the test on YouTube. He answers a series of general questions about himself and other directly related to Jodi’s murder.

His case is being examined by the Scottish Criminal Cases Review Commission, which investigates potential miscarriages of justice and can recommend a fresh appeal.

Although polygraph tests are inadmissible in Scottish courts, a report on Mitchell passing the lie detector examination has been included in his submission to the commission.

The test was conducted by an independent expert at Shotts Prison in Lanarkshire last April. It was posted online on Saturday after consent was granted by the Scottish Prison Service.

Mitchell’s mother Corinne, who also passed a lie detector test supporting her claim that she was at home with her son at the time of the murder, said she was delighted the public could watch him passing the test.

Mitchell was interviewed by Terry Mullins, secretary of the British Polygraph Association.

Mr Mullins is heard putting a series of questions to Mitchell three times, changing the order each time.

Mitchell answered “no” when asked if he was present when Jodi was stabbed, if he committed the murder and if he knew “for certain” where her body would be found.

The YouTube video shows him remaining still throughout the questioning with his eyes closed, as any movement could have affected the monitoring process. Mr Mullins said: “I’m certain of the test result. It’s absolute. I can’t believe Luke Mitchell was convicted on the evidence that was available.”

Mitchell has consistently denied the murder of Jodi, for which he was ordered to serve at least 20 years in 2005 at the age of 16.

Jodi was brutally murdered after she had gone out to meet Mitchell. Her throat had been slit and her body was mutilated. Mitchell lost an appeal in 2008 over his conviction.