Murder victim’s girlfriend quits country

Jordan and Nicole
Jordan and Nicole
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A MURDER victim’s devastated girlfriend has quit the country to rebuild her life in Ibiza.

Nicole McKay has moved to the holiday island to escape constant reminders of her partner Jordan MacKay being killed.

The 22-year-old has struggled to cope since Jordan, 21, was knifed to death on a night out in South Queensferry last summer.

His murderer, Jack Mallon, 37, was sentenced to 19 years behind bars in April for the fatal assault, while his co-accused Charlene Wilson was locked up for nine years for culpable homicide.

Nicole has moved to the Balearic island – famed for its nightlife and lively club scene – and has landed a job in a bar.

Her dad Dave, 58, said: “Nicole has gone to get away from her horrendous experience.

“Our lives have changed forever and I don’t think we will ever be truly happy again. It is hard to remember what life was like before Mallon devastated our families.

“We feel heartbroken for Jordan’s parents, for they lost their son.”

He added: “It was so hard to let Nicole go, to wave her off at the airport. The toughest thing in the world is to be a parent. But if she needs to get away from the town after all this, we completely understand.

“Our daughter’s happiness is vital to us. People ask us why we let her go to Ibiza, but are you safe anywhere these days?

“Jordan was murdered 400 yards from our house in a quiet residential suburb of Edinburgh.

“My partner Avril and I heard the ambulance siren pass our house that night and feared something had happened to the youngsters.

“Something inside us dreaded Nicole and Jordan had come to serious harm.”

Jordan and Nicole were enjoying a night out at a pub when tragedy struck. The joiner, of Kirkliston, and his childhood sweetheart had been at the Stag’s Head in nearby South Queensferry before he was attacked in the early hours of July 13 last year.

“The house seems empty without them about,” Dave said. “She calls every day and knows we are there for her.

“Sometimes we think she is recovering then she mentions Jordan and is distraught again. We know the sadness lingers.

“She has had to cope with so much for someone of 22, but she is amazingly strong and will make it.

“She knows we are here for her and have told her she can come home any time.”

Mallon and Wilson are appealing their convictions, but Dave said: “People like them should be locked up forever in case they destroy other families.”