Murderer launches legal bid to vote in referendum

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A man who murdered a former oil worker in an Edinburgh guesthouse has launched a legal bid to be allowed to vote in next year’s Scottish referendum.

Leslie Moohan, 25, put the mutilated body of former oil worker David Redpath under a bed in the B&B where they were both living.

Moohan’s bid to win a vote is being funded by the taxpayer. He claims his human rights are being breached by the ban which prevents prisoners from voting. If the Scottish Government is forced to defend the policy in court, the cost to the public purse will soar considerably.

If he is successful it could trigger a whole series of similar bids by more than 7700 prisoners, currently behind bars.

Moohan admitted murdering Mr Redpath, from Peterhead, at the High Court in Edinburgh, in 2008. He was ordered to serve a minimum of 15 years in jail.

When police caught up with Moohan he told them how he lay beside the dead body and administered “last rites” before going to his own father’s grave to pray for forgiveness.