Museum’s stinker could be big hit

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A CHALLENGE to find the smelliest object being exhibited at the National Museum of Scotland has been launched.

The quirky game would see visitors download a mobile phone app, which provides clues in which they navigate around the museum’s 36 galleries and find the relevant object.

Other than “smelliest”, categories include fiercest, oldest, ugliest, fairest, strongest, tallest and bloodiest. Once trackers have located the object they will find a unique code to unlock a special badge. They can share a picture of their discovery on social networks.

There are eight challenges to solve and a ninth will appear only when the others have been unlocked.

Hugh Wallace, head of digital media at the museum, said: “We’re offering visitors an alternative and playful way of engaging with our objects, exploring the museum and sharing their experiences.”

The Museum Explorer app is available on Apple iOS iPhone and iPod Touch.