My Perfect Weekend: Julie Smith

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Julie Smith, 31, from Currie, is executive personal assistant to the managing director at Lothian Buses.

1 Who would be your ideal weekend companion and why? My husband Stuart, who is probably the only one who could put up with me for an entire weekend!

2 Where would you take him/her in Edinburgh and why? We’d start at Murrayfield watching Edinburgh. We would spend time wandering around the National Museum of Scotland, my most favourite place in the city.

3 Where would you go for breakfast, lunch and dinner? A full Scottish at the Orchard Café in Mayshade Garden Centre. Lunch would be Café Andaluz. Dinner at Kyloe.

4 What item would you not be without? My bus pass, my shoes are not normally made for walking.

5 How would your perfect weekend finish? A walk round Harlaw Reservoir with our dog in an attempt to burn off all the calories we’d consumed throughout the weekend!