My Perfect Weekend: Professor Egghead

Will Brownlie - AKA Professor Egghead
Will Brownlie - AKA Professor Egghead
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Will Brownlie, 32, from Dalry, is Professor Egghead at the Scottish Seabird Centre’s Aqua Adventures until April 15.

1 Who would be your ideal weekend companion and why? The great British explorer Benedict Allen. I would ask him about trekking through the Amazon and what it’s like to walk 1000 miles in a desert.

2 Where would you take them in Edinburgh? It’s not quite Edinburgh, but I would take him out kayaking to Bass Rock to see the gannet colony.

3 Where would you go for breakfast/lunch/dinner? Breakfast would be porridge to keep us going till lunch. Lunch would be mackerel caught on the way back from Bass Rock. For dinner, I would take him to Ann Purna for Indian food and the friendliest waiter in Edinburgh.

4 What one item would you not be without? An old lucky metal water bottle that comes everywhere with me.

5 How would your perfect weekend finish? A quiet pint in the Reverie Bar.