My perfect weekend: Virginie Brouard

Virginie Brouard, owner of P'tite Folie restaurants
Virginie Brouard, owner of P'tite Folie restaurants
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VIRGINIE Brouard is owner of the P’tite Folie restaurants in Frederick Street and Randolph Place (

Who would your ideal weekend companion be and why? My husband. Because of our busy lifestyle, we don’t spend much time together.

Where would you take him and why? The new portrait gallery in Queen Street followed by meeting friends for wine in Bon Vivant or champagne in TigerLily.

Where would you go for breakfast, lunch and dinner? We don’t often do lunch, we enjoy long breakfasts instead. Sunday morning, reading the newspapers, a full pot of Ethiopian coffee. But if we decide to go for a bite, we enjoy the Fourth Floor in Harvey Nichols. For dinner, Ondine is one of my favourites.

What item would you not be without? I wouldn’t do without my phone, simply to always be in touch with my children and work. Also I can’t do without my credit card!

How would your perfect weekend finish? Enjoying a couple of gin and tonics while preparing dinner and our children are around. Then a movie.