Mystery city wedding photos found on Israeli beach

One of the pictures on the memory card found in Israel. Picture: comp
One of the pictures on the memory card found in Israel. Picture: comp
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AS mysteries go, it takes some beating. How did pictures of an Edinburgh wedding from ten years ago end up discarded on a beach 2470 miles away in Israel?

That is the puzzler which Israeli Tomer Bakshi has turned to the Evening News to solve after being stumped in his hunt for the owners of a camera memory card found in a resort just south of Tel Aviv.

The SD card was discovered on Palmachim Beach by his aunt Amat Susman around a decade ago but all attempts to trace those in the photos have failed.

But now – after a Scottish relative took one look at the pictures and told him they were taken in the Capital – Mr Bakshi has renewed his search.

It is not known whether the device was lost by the couple – perhaps on their honeymoon – or some of their wedding guests. Palmachim Beach, often described as one of Israel’s prettiest beaches, is part of a national park and is popular with travellers.

Mr Bakshi said: “My aunt found the SD card and because she’s not a technical person she gave it to me and asked me to find out who it belonged to. I had no idea.

“I tried posting on an Israeli platform that was the equivalent of Facebook back then, but I couldn’t find anything that would help me.”

Among the pictures on the long-lost memory card is an image of a bride and groom at the Edinburgh Castle esplanade, while there is also a photo of the happy couple with guests at a wedding reception.

The card has more than 100 photographs in total – including pictures of skiers at Hillend dry ski slope, panoramic views of the Capital from Holyrood Park, Swanston and trips elsewhere in Scotland, including Loch Lomond.

Mr Bakshi, 27, said he decided to renew the search for the owners of the SD card after speaking to his girlfriend, Sarah-Lee Simpson, and her father, Ellis, who are from Glasgow.

Mr Bakshi said: “I told Ellis about it and I thought I’d deleted the pictures a couple of years ago, but I managed to find them on the computer. I wish I had thought of contacting the Evening News earlier. It just didn’t cross my mind because I am not familiar with Scotland, so I had no idea who to speak to. I hope we can still find them.

Roni Hyslop, director of Edinburgh-based wedding planners All Wrapped Up, said that guests’ photographs were just as important as professional pictures and so the couple would be glad to have them back. “It’s the little incidental moments that you get. The little moments that are not staged. These are special photographs taken from angles that the professionals don’t capture.”

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