National Chocolate Week: A wearable chocolate sporran?

Customer Coll Warren eyes up the chocolate sporran on display in The Chocolate Tree. Picture: Wullie Marr/DEADLINE NEWS
Customer Coll Warren eyes up the chocolate sporran on display in The Chocolate Tree. Picture: Wullie Marr/DEADLINE NEWS
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A CHOCOLATIER enjoyed the taste of sweet success at National Chocolate Week after creating a wearable sporran.

Friederike Gower, who runs The Chocolate Tree in Haddington with her husband Alastair Gower, spent an entire day fashioning the remarkable creation which is entirely edible, except for the chain.

Weighing in at 2kg, the life-size accessory contains around 15 bars of premium chocolate.

Anyone tempted to wolf down their sporran would probably have to get their kilt let out as it contains no fewer than 10,600 calories.

Produced for National Chocolate Week in London earlier this month, the sporran was used in a chocolate-themed fashion show.

Using cacao beans from Colombia, Frederike sculpted the chocolate around a specifically created mesh that resembled the body of an original sporran design by Mackenzie Leather Goods, based in the Capital.

Frederike then created the knot work using a mathematical formula, as well as the detail on the front.

Even the button on the front of the sporran – which is now set to go on display in the Capital – is edible, having been sprayed with a special bronze colouring.

Alastair praised his wife’s remarkable dedication, saying: “Friederike is really the talented one, it was all her with this one.

“You would not want to see one made by myself, this was all her.

“They asked us to do a whole bunch of stuff but we made the chocolate sporran and it has come out really well.

“There are plans to do more for the fashion show at National Chocolate Week next year.

“Now we have seen what is possible, Friederike has already got some big ideas for next year”

Alastair, stressing the realistic recreation of the sporran, said: “It was worn on the fashion show, so you could wear it.

“However, it does not open like a normal sporran so it would be primarily decorative”

The sporran will now take pride of place in the company’s shop in Bruntsfield Place.

Simon Harvey Potts, from Mackenzie Leather Goods, in Albion Road, said: “I thought it was very impressive indeed.

“When Alastair rang me up and told me he had made a chocolate sporran, I did not know what to expect, but with Friederike’s mastery they have something which is incredibly impressive.”

The Chocolate Tree factory on Haddington’s Knox Place will now be preparing for the festive rush.

Special chocolate baubles are being created, along with a special collection of chocolates with Christmas flavours.

Other items which were displayed at the chocolate-themed fashion show staged for the event in London included a dress created by Agatha Ruiz de la Prada and Des Lis Chocolat and worn by French television presenter Sandrine Arcizet.