New bridges ease fears over floods

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A FLOOD protection project in West Lothian has been completed at a cost of almost £1.8 million.

Two road bridges crossing the Brox Burn and the Caw Burn at Broxburn have been replaced with new structures which will allow more water to flow beneath them.

An extensive flood defence wall has been constructed along the back of properties in Burnvale and Newhouses Road and an embankment has been formed at the top of Burnvale.

There is a long history of flooding in the area – most recently in August 2008 when an estimated £2.5m of damage was caused in the town.

Charlotte Wilson, of the Burnside Flood Action Group and a resident of Newhouses Road, said. “We really appreciate what has been done for us. When it rained recently we didn’t even feel the need go along the road to look at the burn for about the first time.”

West Lothian Council leader John McGinty added: “I’m particularly pleased that one of West Lothian’s most susceptible areas now has measures in place that will significantly reduce the risk of flooding, allowing local people to get on with their lives.”