New Year’s Resolutions: What will you change?

Picture: Phil Wilkinson
Picture: Phil Wilkinson
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Most of us have made them – and most of us have broken them. New year’s resolutions: thought up with the best of intentions, yet notoriously difficult to continue much beyond the first month of the year.

For some they are pacts we make regarding our health – to stop smoking, cut down on drinking, or to exercise more.

For others they are very personal aims: to finally achieve long sought after dreams, or achieve something once thought impossible.

Whether it is kicking a bad habit, or simply taking a new approach to life, many people across the Capital already have their 2014 resolutions mapped out.

David Marshall, founder, Dads Rock playgroup, Parkhead

“My new year’s resolution is to spend more time with my close friends and family as running a thriving charity takes a lot of time and effort. And, tends to eat into a lot of family time.”

Lisa MacLeod, manager, Maxies Bistro, Johnston Terrace

“To work with younger chefs to develop new, exciting 
dishes – that’s my resolution.”

Sean Hooley, owner, Budget Backpackers, Cowgate

“To be less stressed and to open our new site, Kick Ass Hostel.”

Tony Stone, managing director, Stoats Porridge, Portobello

“My new year’s resolution is to write a book.”

Gary Mckenzie, manager, MacDonald Framing, Candlemaker Row

“To appear on a television quiz show.”

Jane Chrumka, colour consultant and interior designer, Harmony Ridge Designs, Anderson Place

“At this time especially, I see a lot of people wearing dark greys, navy and black on the streets of Edinburgh. So my new year’s resolution is to promote colour and bring some sunshine to the dark days.”

Tim Maguire, communications officer, Humanist Society Scotland

“New year resolutions are usually about ourselves, which is probably why they don’t work. This year, I’ve got a much better suggestion – do something unexpected for someone else. There’s no better way to beat the January blues, and as you’ll discover, it proves the old humanist saying that ‘the best way to be happy is to make others so’. Happy new year, everyone.”

Chris Cummings, director of Cummings Plumbing, Viewforth

“My resolution is to make more time for my family and personal life, by taking on more staff.”

Professor Ewan Gillon, clinical director and managing director of First Psychology Edinburgh, St Patrick Square

“My resolution is to make sure I spend more time outdoors – ideally in the sunshine. It does wonders for your energy levels and mood.”

Sarah Murray, owner of Jane Davidson, Thistle Street

“Edinburgh can be a very dreich city. So, because I work in fashion, my resolution is to wear more colour and brighten things up a bit.”

Franck Arnold, general manager at The Balmoral Hotel, Princes Street

“I would like to drop 5kg and improve my ‘personal best’ in the Paris or Edinburgh Marathon.

“I’d also like to motivate and lead 20 Balmoral staff to take part in an endurance related charity event to raise £10,000 for our 2014 chosen charity.

“And one more, I would like to beat, again, the hotel’s results in guest satisfaction and staff engagement.”

Carol McMorris, owner, Armstrong’s Vintage Emporium, Grassmarket

“To join a new art class to keep my creativity going.”

Fawns Reid, owner, Fabhatrix, Cowgatehead

“To get back to more creative pieces and collaborations with other designers. And to develop a menswear design with Olney headwear.”

Simon Lyle, editor of drinks magazine Hot Rum Cow, Leith

“I resolve to read more books. I have resolved to do this several times in recent years and it hasn’t worked. Maybe it will work when my children have grown up and I have retired.”

Lynne McCrossan, Edinburgh fashion writer and Evening News columnist

“To read a book. Just one! I haven’t read much since my child was born.”