NHS worker Lisa has the write stuff

Lisa Stewart, author and occupational therapist
Lisa Stewart, author and occupational therapist
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A woman who has worked for NHS Lothian for more than 30 years has released a set of three books all set in the Capital.

Lisa Stewart, 53, has balanced her role of occupational therapist, providing patient rehabilitation, with writing in her spare time.

“Working in a busy team during the day then going home to write means I get the opportunity to leave serious thinking behind and open the door to a farcical world,” she said.

Lisa likes to have fun with her writing and enjoys creating characters whose stories are amusing and absurd. Her three new novels, all set in Edinburgh, have just gone on sale.

Lisa, who has worked at the RIE, Astley Ainslie Hospital and in the community, said that she has always loved reading and began writing fiction about 15 years ago.

After unsuccessful attempts to find a publisher, she turned her attention to writing for professional journals and completed a Masters at QMU in 2010.

A casual question from a family member, “What’s happening about your books?”, spurred her back to writing after she gave up.

The mother of one launched a book on Kindle Direct Publishing in 2012 and kept writing and reworking past stories. This year she worked with a professional copy editor, book cover designer, graphic designer and marketing manager to launch her works.

Lisa, of Corstorphine, said: “It has taken me a while but now I’ve found my writing voice there’s no stopping me. Writing has always been a part of my work, whether it’s reports, reviews or evidence scans, which is fine. But writing fiction is so much more fun.

“Maybe surprisingly, I don’t write about the NHS – I like to create characters I can have fun with. I’ve also got into writing blogs and tweeting and enjoy communicating with people.”

One of her new works is called Being Gil’s Sister, about a girl who strives to follow in her successful brother’s footsteps. Another is called Knitting Haggis, about a woman called Peggy who becomes a millionaire on the National Lottery and is fired from her job.

The final book in the set is called Soup Is The New Coffee about two women called Verity and Callie, soup vendors and annoying neighbours.

For more information about Lisa and her work go to: https://www.lisastewart.co.uk