Nicky Campbell upset at being spat on in street

Nicky Campbell. Picture: Comp
Nicky Campbell. Picture: Comp
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TV and radio personality Nicky Campbell has revealed how he was left “extremely upset” when litter louts spat on him outside his home.

The Edinburgh-born Radio 5 Live Breakfast host was verbally abused and “showered” with spit when he confronted the gang of yobs for ripping open bin bags and kicking rubbish all over his street.

Speaking for the first time this week to the Radio Times about the emotional impact of the attack in Clapham, south London, the 53-year old revealed he had to be comforted afterwards by his wife Tina.

“I asked them very politely to put it in a bin and they covered me in spittle all over my hair,”

“I walked back home and then I went upstairs and had a shower and lay on the bed.

“I called Tina and she came up and I talked to her about it and I was extremely upset.

“You are only trying to do the right thing and then someone covers you in spit. I didn’t feel good about it at all.”

The former Watchdog presenter, 53, said his wife was angry when he told her about the incident “because I have a tendency to remonstrate with people” but he added that he did not regret his actions and would probably do the same again.

He also revealed how he misses Scotland and suggests he will return one day soon.

He said “I want to be walking my dog on a beach in Scotland before too much longer”.