North Berwick Law pony falls to its death

Exmoor pony falls to its death.Picture: Jane Barlow
Exmoor pony falls to its death.Picture: Jane Barlow
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ONE of the Exmoor ponies brought in to control the growth of coarse grass on North Berwick Law has fallen to its death.

The animals were leased from Moorland Mouise Trust to encourage the growing of wild flowers on the ground in East Lothian.

It was hoped they would graze on the coarse grass which is taking over.

East Lothian Council’s Rangers Service said: “Unfortunately yesterday one of the Exmoor ponies at North Berwick Law met with a fatal accident.

“The reason for the accident is unknown but is suspected to be the result from playing around amongst the herd on the upper slopes which had tragic consequences, causing the pony to slip and fall.

“We would like to thank all those who helped us in the quick recovery and removal of the pony, whose brief life was at least an enjoyable one.”