Nostalgia: ‘In those days, you were free to teach the children how you chose’

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Cornbank Primary School head Moira Brady has called time on her 38-year career as a teacher around Edinburgh and the Lothians. The 60-year-old had spent the last 18 years at the helm of the Penicuik school, and here she recalls the early days of her career.

She said: “I completed my training from Moray House in 1974 and began teaching at Links Primary in Leith which is now St Mary’s. I spent six years at the school and enjoyed every minute.

“Teaching has changed a lot since then, there wasn’t the same level of planning and assessment of the children in those days – you were free to teach the kids how you chose.

“I must admit, though, that the current programme allows a more rounded education.

“Quite often I bump into former pupils around the city, mostly at the Gyle Shopping Centre. I don’t often remember all the faces but they seem to remember me. The other day I met a woman with three children who said she enjoyed me teaching her. It’s nice to feel part of so many people’s childhoods.

“After Links Primary, I spent two years at East Craigs before spending a term at Echline Primary. Following this I moved to Morningside Primary as assistant headteacher before being seconded to the education offices for 18 months; I missed the day-to-day contact with the kids a lot.

“It was then 1994 when I joined Cornbank and I enjoyed every year since – it was very sad to leave as I have many happy memories.”